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Yesterday was “clean up the mess in my office” day. It was a disaster area, really, filled with boxes I’d never unpacked. And even if it hadn’t been ghastly, it would still have needed a lot of work, since when I first moved stuff in there, I hadn’t set up the cabinets, and that was one of the first things on the docket yesterday. I wanted in particular to get it cleared enough to put the proof box in…notice the lack of proof box? It didn’t come. I need to call them today and pester.

Note my “office” will both be an office in a traditional sense but will also be where I do a lot of work on things like sugar flowers. This would be better if the room had heat, though. Which it doesn’t right now. I’m using a space heater to keep it tolerable.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how things stand, though I’ve had it at this level of set up for, oh, twelve hours or so, and I’m already like, “crap I need more storage!”

Also: OMG I LOVE THAT PRINTER. I’ve never had such a nice printer in my life…it’s a Canon MX922 and so far it’s awesome…but I’ve only test printed like three things, so I guess I don’t have a representative sample yet…